Mountaineering is a unique sport, especially if you are climbing in expedition style.  Successfully climbing a big mountain requires months to build a high level of fitness. However, your fitness will peak before you even reach base camp, and will continue to decline as your body endures the stress of the expedition.  This challenge is overcome in multiple ways. First by methodically elevating your level of fitness during the months leading to your climb, then by staying physically and mentally healthy during your climb, and finally through proper nutrition.

The first time that I attempted Mount Rainier, I approached training the way most aspiring mountaineers do, I spent hours in the gym lifting heavy weights, and I hiked every weekend carrying an even heavier backpack.  Ten years and many summits later, I have learned that there is a better, and more efficient way to train, a better way to organize my backpack, a better way to manage my nutrition, and a better way to enjoy my time in the mountains.  


I felt overwhelmed about training for my first Himalayan climb, I trusted Lisa and she got me as prepared as possible for the summit
— Andy W. - Manaslu summiter

As I have summited some of the world's greatest mountains, I have experienced more tests and trials than I'd like to admit.  Challenges such as:

  • Insufficient strength

  • Lack of mental fitness

  • Injury & illness

  • Poor nutrition and hydration

  • Insufficient endurance capacity

With each summit, I have honestly evaluated my challenge and made corrections that allowed more success in the future.  This experience has allowed me - and will allow you - to become a stronger, more competent and capable mountaineer. 

There are three components to successfully accomplishing a mountaineering objective:

  • Physical fitness

  • Mental fitness

  • Appropriate gear

Each component should be matched to your ability and the demands of your objective.  Next, committing the time to each component is key not only to your success, but also to your enjoyment in the mountains.  There aren't any short cuts. Your commitment will differentiate you as someone who confidently climbs each day, knowing that you’re prepared for the challenge ahead of you, instead of someone who arrives at camp each day completely depleted of energy and confidence.

Alpine Athletics will help you:

  • Grow your aerobic capacity

  • Create muscular capacity

  • Build your muscular endurance

  • Assess why your mountaineering objectives are important to you

  • Choose and effectively use the best gear

I felt prepared in every way for Denali. Lisa helped me with fitness, gear, and mental toughness.
— Ali K. - Denali summiter


Mountains have challenged me in many ways.  As an analytical person, I have studied each of these challenges and devised solutions that have allowed me not only to summit some of the world's toughest mountains, but also to minimize my suffering during the attempt.   Consider how you would accomplish the following for your next summit:

  • Reduce your pack weight by 30%

  • Train through injury

  • Lose only 6 pounds (3 kg) during a two-month expedition

  • Build enough endurance and strength to summit challenging 8000m peaks such as Mt. Everest or K2

  • Set aside ego while climbing 

Mountaineers of all levels encounter these same challenges and more every year, and we believe that you shouldn't have to struggle to find your own solutions.  Our goal is to share our experiences with you so that you have a safer, more enjoyable climb and become a stronger mountaineer.

Alpine Athletics offers customized training plans that put you in the best position possible to be successful on your next climb:

  • Personal fitness assessment, specific to you and your mountaineering goal

  • Daily training plan

  • Daily workout analysis and feedback

  • 1:1 daily coaching via web or text

  • 1:1 weekly Skype coaching

  • Monthly milestones to ensure you're on track

  • Solutions to the challenges, hazards, routes, logistics, of the world’s greatest mountains, including the seven summits

  • Gear review and recommendations

  • Mental preparation coaching




$400 / month

$900/ 3 months

$1,500 / 6 months 

$2,880 / 12 months