Frequently Asked Questions


Why chose Alpine Altletics?

Climbing a big mountain is a huge goal and a life-long dream for many people.  Preparation for your mountaineering objective is crucial regardless of whether you're attempting Rainier or K2.  Lisa Thompson has successfully prepared for and summited many of the world's highest and most challenging peaks.  She knows what it takes to prepare mentally and physically as well as how to succeed on the mountain.  And, she wants to share her skill and expertise with you


Which Alpine Athletics plan is best for me?

It depends on your mountaineering objective.  Our plans are designed to provide you with the most comprehensive support for the most typical mountaineering objectives, regardless of your current fitness level.  Our most popular plans are designed for:

3 - 5 day climbs

3 - 4 week climbs

1+ month expeditions


How do the training sessions work?

Lisa will discuss your mountaineering goals, fitness level and schedule with you one-on-one in order to craft a plan that is unique to you and your goals.  Each week she will create and upload a seven day training  plan for you based on the previous week's performance and your personal schedule.  Using a heart rate monitor and fitness app, the results of each of your training sessions will be uploaded and reviewed by Lisa who will analyze your effort and adjust your plan accordingly.


What equipment do I need?

To be successful you will need access to a basic gym as well as stairs or steep terrain.  For clients living in or visiting Seattle, Lisa has gym facilities available.  In addition to gym access you will need a heart rate monitor and fitness app such as Garmin, Strava, or Suunto.  This technology is key to recording and sharing the biometric data from each training session.