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As the founder of Alpine Athletics, Lisa Thompson has been intensely training for mountaineering objectives around the world since 2008.  As a small framed woman, she is driven by the desire not to be the weakest link on her ascent teams. As such she has dedicated up to 30 hours per week to physical, mental, and tactical prep for her climbing objectives.  This focus and commitment have propelled her to the top of six of the seven summits (Carstensz and Kosiosko notwithstanding), to the summit of K2 in Pakistan, and three Himalayan peaks including the summit of Everest in 2016.


Lisa takes preparation seriously and begins preparing for each climb by carefully studying the mountain. She does extensive research about the approach and climb before committing in order to be certain that the mountain’s challenges are aligned with her ambitions and abilities. Lisa has spent more than ten years training for and successfully summiting peaks on every continent except Australia.

Lisa ensures that Alpine Athletics coaches apply the same level of rigor, commitment, and focus to your mountaineering objectives. Combining Alpine Athletics disciplined approach with your motivation and hard work puts you in a strong position to succeed. Lisa verifies that Alpine Athletics coaches customize training plans specific to your mountaineering experience and skill level.